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7 Ways to reduce stress during lockdown

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Many people right now may feel frustrated, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. With financial issues perhaps taking their toll, the feeling of isolation and worry for loved ones it's no wonder so many people are feeling the strain right now!

We all have such unique situations that we all have to try to navigate through, in new ways that sometimes feel impossible.

So bear with me for a moment………………..

Do you remember the people we used to watch on the telly in awe as they would spin loads of china plates on sticks? ( o.k so they probably were not called sticks but you get the idea )

What if you gave it ago ( I am talking hypothetically, please don't actually give it ago) each plate represents a stress, worry or anxiety that you have? How many could you keep spinning?

My point is that even the world plate spinning champion will have a limit! Right?

So how can we look after our mental health at a time where there is so much worry and stress?

Limit the news / Social media

There is no doubt that what is happening right now feels scary but there is a difference to being informed and invading your brain with constant news.

Think of your brain like you would your stomach we've all heard the expression " you are what you eat", well or minds are the same if we keep filling it with all the news we can find chances are our moods will deteriorate with it.

We are physically distancing not socially

If before the lockdown you would meet up with friends regularly for coffee then carry on doing it! Now I'm not suggesting breaking the lockdown, platforms like skype, zoom or messenger are great ways to keep in touch and get connected.

Make yourself a coffee, treat yourself to a piece of cake, stick a do not disturb sign on the door and get comfy and have a natter with your friends.

Cut yourself some slack

We aren't teachers and the kids are not at school, deviating from the school time table is ok, a little flexibility may be what you need right now. Trying to keep to a strict timetable will cause stress for all the family and ultimately may escalate the house into a war zone.

Bite-size goals

Perhaps you felt you would have more time on your hands but with everyone in the house at once suddenly the house looks like a bombs gone off. The kitchen looks like its been attacked by a swarm of locusts and the workspace you cleared for yourself has evolved into a wash pile.

Small goals are much more manageable, you don't have to do everything right now, One pile, One room, one thing at a time. If you start to feel overwhelmed, shrink the expectation.


Never underestimate the power of a good nights sleep, If you are finding that lately you have had restless or disturbed sleep, try using some Lavender or Jasmine oil in the bedroom. Meditation is  also good for getting our minds and bodies to relax state, at the moment many websites are letting us try things for free to promote well being, a great site is


Having a walk each day will make all the difference and bonus its good for our bodies! Daylight is good for us and helps us sleep better at night, listening to the birds and feeling a breeze on our faces can help us feel refreshed.

If you really can't face the outdoors right now then stick your favorite track on the stereo and dance, get the kids involved too, the best exercise to do is one where you're having fun!


Grab yourself an exercise book and write down what your feeling, Journaling is a great way to explore what you are feeling and experiencing. Don't like writing? then don't! be as creative as you want to be! draw something that reflects your mood, don't put pressure on yourself to make it perfect this is an outlet for you to express yourself.

Want to learn more about how to produce a journal? I’ll be blogging about this soon.

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