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Relationship Counselling

Are you facing challengesin yourrelationship?

I'd like to help you both create a more fulfilling partnership by supporting you both to......

Enhance communication

Communication is such an important part of relationships and yet it is often the most neglected.

I'd like to support you with having healthy, constructive conversations, where you feel like been listened to and understood.

Discover root issues impacting the relationship

Sometimes our relationships have been impacted by events or people outside of it.

I can help you discover your needs within the relationship and in turn build trust and security for you both.

Cope with life changes

If there is one thing we can garuantee in life, is that, things change. It can be difficult trying to balance children, family, menopause or perhaps infedelity.

I can help you gain a better understanding of your relationship needs in times of change and develop a more resilent relationship.

Explore ways to address conflict

Disagreements are an inevitable part of a relationship, but so often can result in hurt, shame and may even cause lasting damage to a sense of security within the relationship.

Together we can approach these difficult subjects in a way that fosters trust and security for you both.

Reignite passion and connection

Conflict, age, life changes and circumstances can all affect passion and connection for couples.

Together we can explore reconnection and what blocks maybe happening for you.

Gain practical tools for long lasting change

What you learn about yourselves as individuals and the needs of the relationship, will last well beyond the therapy room.

The tools and techniques you will leave with will give you the resilence and confidence to meet both of your needs.

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