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3 surprising benefits of self care

Self-care has so many benefits, but getting into a good self-care routine can feel difficult, and tends to be one of those things that get's put off, or we tell ourselves that we are just too busy.

If this sounds like you, then this is exactly why you need to introduce good self-care into your life.

Self-care introduces balance and let's be honest who doesn't need that?

When we have good self-care we feel able to give people more, our concentration and energy levels are great and it improves our self-worth and self-esteem, sounds like a win-win doesn't it!

You'll be more productive

Do you find that life feels like you are on a permanent treadmill, running from one job to the next? While desperately feeling like you need a break?

Imagine if you took that break, just some time for yourself doing what makes you happy, how would you feel doing this as part of a routine?

Taking time out, and doing something that you enjoy regularly, you'll find that you will be more productive, and setting some time aside in your routine means that you will always have that time to look forward to.

Improves Relationships

Self-care isn't just all about bubble baths and facemasks or even a trip to the gym. Self-care is also knowing when to say no.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where someone has asked if you could do something for them, but you are so swamped already? perhaps you are thinking "I really don't need this right now!" Despite all of this, you still find yourself saying "Yes".

Saying "no" or even "not at the moment" can make all the difference for YOU, if you tie yourself up in knots all the time for others, they won't receive the best of you. You may feel, grumpy, tired, and even resentful because they asked you in the first place, and a snappy person isn't an easy person to have a relationship with. It leaves people wondering what they have done and possibly, feeling hurt.

Saying no is saying yes to yourself and healthier relationship.

Improves our immune systems

When we introduce self-care techniques into our lives our immune system becomes stronger.

Stress and the chemicals we get from it are not good for our health, when we constantly flood our bodies with stress chemicals we become prone to illness', which could start as the odd spot here or there, fatigue, rashes, or even diarrhea.

When we look at illness' like autoimmune diseases, asthma, or eczema we already know that these illnesses' are made worse by stress. Getting the right nutrition and exercise is important to maintain these conditions, but rest and relaxation are as equally as important too.

So you see there are hidden benefits to self-care, and ultimately self-care is about introducing and maintaining balance in our lives. So many of us ignore the signs of stress and continue to plod on through, and yet if we broke a leg, we wouldn't be doing the shuffle dance and risk damaging our leg even more! we would be resting and taking time to recover.

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker in a online course, it's designed to support people to introduce and maintain good self-care habits in their lives. It's a really worthwhile course and you'll see a few appearances from me!

Click here to take a look, and start your self care journey!

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